Skypager & Heel Bruise present DISASTER @ the HVW8 Gallery

If you are in the Los Angeles area on Friday April 9th come stop by the opening of DISASTER featuring new works by Heel Bruise’s own Lance Mountain, Thomas Yu, & Skypager at the HVW8 Gallery on the corner of Spaulding & Melrose. Here is a look at some limited edition pocket tees I just knocked out for the homies that will be available at the opening.





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New Account Spotlight *New World Culture* Mesa, Arizona

We would like to welcome New World Culture out at the Fiesta Mall in Mesa, AZ to our ever growing list of fine retailers. The good folks out at New World Culture are embarking on a new step as well, rumor is a new location opening up on campus at Arizona St. University. The timing couldnt have been better and we are excited to have the opportunity to be sold on the wild sexually active campus (haha, jokes……kind of)



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TiRon seen rockin The Pros & Cons @SXSW

The homie put me on to these photos he snatched from the LAXPAPERBOYS site of TiRon seen rockin our Always Original Beanie & our Erudites Crewneck down at SXSW last month. We unfortunately didn’t attend the event this year but it’s a pleasure to know that our brand was well represented out there by artists we enjoy and respect.



Now Im guessing a lot of you that read our blog are probably up on TiRon but those of you that aren’t can catch up on a quick refresher course with a couple of his past projects.

Download Handshakes & Pounds

Download Ketchup

Ketchup released a little over a year ago now to rave reviews and TiRon is getting ready to drop the follow up to that project, cleverly named Mustard. We will keep our eyes & ears open for that release and will make sure to pass it along to yall when it drops along with any release party info or anything else that he has planned  in accordance with the heavily anticipated release.


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The Gunn Show Release Party 4/10/10

This Saturday April 10th we will be setting up a booth at The Garage Shop at 759 S. Atlantic Blvd. Los Angeles Ca 90022, we will have some  brand new unreleased product on us as well as up to 50% off selected product. This is all for the release of The Gunn Show, the new tape by Tommy Gunn of Pro City. A lot of good people should be in attendance and there will be performances by Tommy Gunn, Pro City, Omar Cruz & more. We’d love to see yall out there.



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The Production Continues

So Production has been under way since the drop of our Renegado Escala Zip Up for our little Spring 2010 season but here is a peak at a couple things that are up next from our S/S 2010 offering. This is a look at a couple of the tools of our trade, Screens. Screen printing is obviously a big part of our business and it’s a trade that we take a lot of pride in. These Screens belong to a couple of our new releases titled The Casual & The Conventional respectively. More to come on these (Product pics, & Release Dates) in the near future.

[caption id=“attachment_382” align=“alignnone” width=“550” caption=“The Casual”]The Casual[/caption]

[caption id=“attachment_383” align=“alignnone” width=“550” caption="The Conventional "]The Conventional [/caption]


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