Circle of Success 2010 All Stars Sale

We were recently contacted by the COS guys about a sale they are doing out in Riverside next month. Needless to say we are doing it. Looks to be a good time and there will be plenty of gear to grab on the cheap. So if you are in the area circle the 20th of February on your calendar and we will see you there!



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Our Winter Collection is online now

The Always Original collection of Beanies, Fitteds, & Crewnecks finally hit the webstore this past week. Anyone  with a blog please feel free to post up. Thanks everyone for all of the continued support. We are nothing without yall!



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Stage 2 Sampling

In this business, it pays to sample. Case in point, a couple of weeks ago I was certain our upcoming Original Meshback Trucker was going to be done on a six panel snap back. After some trial and error today, I think a 5 panel snap back is going to be what we move forward with. Either way I got myself a sick 1 of sample to rock until the official release.

[caption id=“attachment_259” align=“alignnone” width=“550” caption=“with and w/o flash”]with and w/o flash[/caption]


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We'll take our late pass.

So we finally jumped on the Facebook bandwagon and created a Fan Page. Those that know me best know I was always a little against the social networking sites, Facebook in particular but there is no denying the powerhouse that is Facebook. So we have willingly decided to participate! Besides, just like in real life, even if we are late to the party we still showed up!

So Add us now

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Stage 1, Sampling.

Last week I showed yall a preview of a hat thats coming this spring/summer. Just got our preliminary samples in and they look great in person. Cant wait to get everything finished up on this joint. More to come soon…



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