Behind the Scenes: Qualmes "What You Gone Do" Video shoot

This past weekend was the shoot for the dude  Qualmes</a> video "What You Gone Do" that my good friend <a href="">EricHeights just so happened to be directing. I for one am pretty excited to see how this whole thing turns out. Some really dope shots were captured and the track has some serious potential. You can peep the song over HERE on Qualmes myspace player. We had the drinks flowing all night long but here are a couple of behind the scenes shots I managed to snag at the end of the night. Im not trying to give too much away but when the video is done ill make sure to post it up.



[caption id=“attachment_237” align=“alignnone” width=“550” caption=“Qualmes w/ director Eric Heights”]Qualmes w/ director Eric Heights[/caption]

[caption id=“attachment_238” align=“alignnone” width=“550” caption=“End of the night, quite drunk. Qualmes and myself.”]End of the night, quite drunk. Qualmes and myself.[/caption]


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The Alma Mater Crewneck Sweater




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On our grind...

With the rest of our Holiday/Winter release finishing up and making its way towards our retailers and online shop business around here is moving forward as usual.  In the next month or so we will slowly start to unveil parts of our Spring/Summer offering for 2010. This is a sneak peak at a cap thats set to release this upcoming summer.



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Winter Round-Up

So admittedly it’s taken us a while to finish up with our winter collection but finally we are just about ready to go live. With the new addition of Crew Necks and Beanies coming to the table we hope that there is something for all of you.

Product shot of our “Erudites”  Grey/Black Crewneck.


Product shot of our “Classic Logotype” Navy/Red Crewneck



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I was recently informed Strictly Fitteds gave our newly released Mono-Script fitted some shine on their blog. Dope! I check their blog pretty often myself so its nice to see our first fitted release along the likes of so many other dope caps. Thanks dudes! Obviously if you aren’t up on them and are into fitteds bookmarking their site would be in your best interest.



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